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Jane insisted that she was right. An ant can lift more than 50 times its weight.

It's such a long time since he left school. His mother had three sons, of whom he was the youngest. The news of Urs's pregnancy will soon get around. She has a large fortune to herself. She broke into tears. It's eight-thirty. What have we overlooked? Ten thousand eyes were on him as he rubbed his hands with dirt.

United States shale gas production is one of the worst ongoing ecological disasters. Did you go straight home after school yesterday? Even though he has become boss of the company, Mr Yamada is unassuming. That's probably why he is liked by everyone. He helped an old lady get up from her seat. Yesterday work didn't get anywhere, we just kept making mistakes. They were separated into two groups. I am annoyed by his carelessness. It's a question not of kind, but of degree. He pecked her on the lips. Evelyn started the engine.

Lightbulbs emit heat. Does Donovan have gray hair? As far as I can tell, the coast is clear. Sandra went to dancing school.

I believe in perfection, based on Plato. It's a really good book. Can you tell us anything else about that? Don't worry. Allen can fix anything. I have a hard-on for her. It's best not to talk so much. In many places blind persons sell lottery tickets.

They elected John the captain of the team. Women chase crazy men; they flee from the wise ones as if they were poisonous beasts. Please give me some water. I live near the dike. She has a roll.

Where was Delbert yesterday? Have you seen it work? Dewey is a bit short for his age. I prefer reading books to watching television.

Can you find Afghanistan on a map? His illness is one of my anxieties. As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open. She doesn't know how to ride a bike. The results should be measurable and the process repeatable.

I don't need to sleep a lot. Don't you want to visit her? If you're so demanding of others, you should also be demanding of yourself. It's likely to happen. My mom bought me this toy when I was eight years old.

I'm sure Travis will do well. Yakitori is a Japanese dish. The development of the computer industry has been very rapid. Does your wife like cats? Did you all go? He said he knew the famous actress, which was a lie.

People in the United States speak English. Look, I'll show you. Can't you see Aaron is dying? I remember being here before. He's strange sometimes. Do you think that's wise? What is your field of study, your domain of inquiry, your major interest? Please tell me what I need to do. Teruyuki is fairly important, isn't he?

I think we all know the rules. People in towns are attracted by life in the country. It's nothing compared to what he did. The scandal robbed him of a chance to become President. Carry out the task as well as you can.