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To hear her speak English, you would take her for an Englishwoman. We can help. I told Sjaak I made a mistake. He's one of a kind. I know you're worried. I was recently in an automobile accident. The doctor will be with you in a minute. He went undefeated his whole career. What does it concern you?

I farted in class and the teacher threw me out. We have better weapons than the enemy does. Could you please get me a taxi? These questions are timely. I need a new wardrobe. I was going to tell you. A beautiful rainbow is spanning the sky. Betty was gunned down in the street in front of the church. My mother was usually very busy.

Lisa didn't thank Kriton enough for all the work she did. Four states voted for Aaron Burr.

Francisco and Shari had lunch at the Ikea restaurant. Since Chris's Tavern has started offering a delivery service too, it has been flooded with phone calls. I wasn't raised that way. He sometimes sleeps in. I have no idea what it means. I was just walking out the door. Who did you get this from? She comes to see me from time to time. There are plenty of rocks. Ray didn't mention where he'd been.

I don't think Heinz has met Dwight yet. Adlai was nowhere to be seen. Lindsey put on his robe. I can probably reach Jong by phone right now. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the governor. Your comments were inappropriate.

We've learned from our mistakes. Where did you two first meet each other?

We can cure some types of cancer. Do you like to write? The compass needle swung to the north. Let's work together here. It constantly appalls me how stupid he can be.

May I come to see you this afternoon? Barrett followed me home.

Tell them yourself. The scent of musk is one of the best smells there is. It took me more than a month to get over my cold. Jamie isn't allowed to leave the country. What do you think she said?

My nose is really stuffed, so I can't smell anything coming from the kitchen. My camera is broken. Let us wait and see. Why is the Moon larger when it rises and sets, than when it is high in the sky?

Lorien was beginning to feel happy.

Take as many cookies as you want. What I have in my hand is a fossil seashell. You hoped this would happen, didn't you? Brenda has only been with us three months. I know a guy named Sanche.

How about making me a cup of tea? This may just come in handy someday.

I don't see anything. Do you? He had barely enough to eat. Make the best of your small income. I'm surprised that building is still standing. You should get going. We've never done it this way before.

He has two cars in his garage. Please give me a second chance. You're always around. Why do this now? In Spain and France, we buy fresh bread every day. A few flakes of snow were falling, and one of them, rather larger than the rest, alighted on the edge of one of the flower boxes.

Who else knew about him? The explorers began to suffer from a severe lack of food. Hello, new timer here hailing from Canada! The mission went perfectly. They kept silent for fear of offending her. My forcefield has been activated. You're the tallest one. I'm not discouraged. Is it true that cockroaches don't have wings? Kelvin lost most of his belongings in the fire.